ASTM D4884 geotextile testing on an eXpert 2600
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ASTM D4884 | Geotextiles | Tension Testing

The ASTM D4884 test method determines the seam strength of geotextiles using wide-width samples. Narrow geotextile specimens tend to neck down in gauge area when under stress. The wider width specimen will minimize this phenomenon, leading to more accurate test results. This test method can be used to help with seam design engineering for the geotextiles being evaluated.

A constant-rate-of-extension type universal testing machine must be utilized to meet the requirements of this specification. The specified test specimen width is 200mm (8 inches) wide. The grips should also be wide enough to grip the entire width of the specimen. The minimum width of jaw faces should be 200mm (8 inches) and the minimum length should be 50mm (2 inches).

Before conducting ASTM D4884, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D4884 | Geotextiles | Tension Testing

  1. Prepare the test specimens as described in the method. Mount the specimen in the grips making sure the seam is centered and parallel to grip jaws.
  2. Start the tensile testing machine at the specified speed.
  3. Continue the test until the seam or the geotextile ruptures.
  4. Record the maximum force to rupture. Observe and record the cause of seam rupture.
  • Tensile Strength
  • Breaking Force
  • Seam Efficiency

ASTM D4884 | Geotextiles | Tension Testing

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