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ASTM D5035 | Textiles | Tension Testing

ASTM D5035 is a common testing standard for those needing to test fabrics made from Acetate, Acrylic, Cotton, Flax, Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Rayon, Silk, or Wool. These fabrics may be woven or non-woven. A Universal Testing Machine which can pull at a Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) is required as well as the necessary grips to secure the sample.

This summary is designed to provide an overview of the test procedure as well as a description of the equipment needed to perform ASTM D5035. Before performing the test, it is critical to read the entire specification from the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D5035 | Textiles | Tension Testing

  1. ASTM D5035 has a few variations based on sample size, a width of 1 in. is common
  2. Secure both ends of the sample in grips that are wider than the sample.
  3. A slight preload may be applied to align the grips along a universal joint and remove slack.
  4. Begin the test by pulling at a Constant Rate of Extension specified in the standard.
  5. Stop the test once the sample has been ripped apart.
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength or Maximum Load
  • Elongation At Break
  • Breaking Force – The average of the maximum load across all acceptable specimens

ASTM D5035 | Textiles | Tension Testing

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