Puncture testing on an eXpert 7600
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ASTM D5748 | Plastics and Elastomers | Puncture Testing

ASTM D5748 is a testing specification that determines the resistance of a stretch wrap film to the penetration of a probe at a standard low rate, a single test speed. Biaxial stress, which is representative of the type of stress encountered in product end-use applications, is applied to the specimen until rupture.  This method measures the maximum force, force at break, penetration distance, and energy at failure.

Puncture resistance is very important in the performance of stretch wrap film. This test procedure provides the user with a means of measuring the puncture resistance performance of stretch wrap film under biaxial stress. The probe to puncture the ASTM D5748 specimen should have a 19mm (0.75 in) diameter pear-shaped TFE-fluorocarbon coated tip. Please refer to the Recommended Equipment tab for a list of equipment to run this test.

Before conducting ASTM D5748, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D5748 | Plastics and Elastomers | Puncture Testing

  1. Prepare a minimum of five specimens as described in the standard. Clamp the specimen in the holder. Lower the probe as close as possible to the specimen. Make sure the probe does not touch the specimen.
  2. Start the test at a crosshead speed of 10in/min.
  3. Stop the test when the puncture probe passes completely through the specimen.
  4. Record specimen ID, peak force at break, maximum force, energy to break, and probe penetration distance at break.
  • Peak Force at Break
  • Maximum Force
  • Energy to Break
  • Probe Penetration Distance

ASTM D5748 | Plastics and Elastomers | Puncture Testing

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