ASTM C307 Tensile Testing
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ASTM D5801| Asphalt | Toughness Testing

ASTM D5801 is a testing standard that describes the procedure for measuring the toughness and tenacity of asphalt materials. Toughness and tenacity are two parameters for measuring the ability to be stretched to a large elongation while at the same time resisting further stretching. The standard defines toughness as the total work required to completely separate the tension head from the sample. It is calculated as the total area under the force vs. elongation curve. Tenacity is defined as the work required to stretch the material after the initial resistance is overcome. It is calculated by extending a tangent line from the force vs. elongation curve as the force decreases from the maximum value until the tangent line intersects the zero force axis.

A universal testing machine capable of applying tensile loads at a uniform rate is required to run ASTM D5801. In addition, a sample container, a tension head with the standardized dimensions, and a spider construction to support the tension head are required to complete the test setup.

Before conducting ASTM D5801, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D5801| Asphalt | Toughness Testing

  1. Prepare test specimen in the sample containers, with the tension heads and spiders in place, as described in the standard.
  2. Place the sample container in the testing machine.
  3. Apply the load at the crosshead speed specified in the standard and record force vs. elongation curve.
  4. Stop test when the asphalt column breaks.
  • Toughness
  • Tenacity

ASTM D5801| Asphalt | Toughness Testing

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