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ASTM D624 | Plastics and Elastomers | Tension Testing

ASTM D624 is a testing standard for measuring the tear strength of thermoset rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, and silicones.  This standard describes multiple different types of sample shapes (Type A, B, C, T, and CP) that can be tested in a standard universal testing machine. Usually materials that are tested to D624 are also tested according to specification ASTM D412 to measure the tensile strength and elongation.

ASTM D624 measures the force per unit thickness required to rupture or start a tear through the sample. Prior to conducting ASTM D624, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

General Overview | How to perform ASTM D624?

  1. Cut and prepare samples as described in the standard. Measure the width of the specimen and load it into your tensile grips.
  2. Begin grip separation at a rate defined in the standard.
  3. Stop the test after sample break (rupture).
  4. Record the maximum force for Type A, B or C specimens. For Type T or CP specimens record the force continuously during rupture.

Sample Geometries

  • ASTM D624 Type A
  • ASTM D624 Type B
  • ASTM D624 Type B with chisel
  • ASTM D624 Type C
  • ASTM D624 Type T Trouser Tear


  • Tearing strength reported in force per unit width (kN/m or lbf/in)

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