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ASTM D642 | Shipping Containers | Compression Testing

ASTM D642 is a testing standard that covers compression tests on shipping containers such as boxes, buckets, and drums. Results from this test method can be used to evaluate the ability of shipping containers, components, and unit loads to successfully survive the compressive forces they are subjected to during storage and distribution. Shipping containers may be tested with or without contents. Compressive resistance may be determined with either fixed- or swivel-platen-type testing machines. This test method is related to TAPPI T804, which is similar for fixed platen machines but does not recognize swivel platen machines.

Before conducting ASTM D642, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D642 | Shipping Containers | Compression Testing

  1. Center the specimen on the lower compression platen.
  2. Bring both the platens into contact with the specimen by applying an initial pressure or pre-load.
  3. Apply compressive load to the specimen at the specified rate until failure or until a specified load has been reached.
  • Compressive load at critical deformation points
  • Maximum load
  • Maximum deformation

ASTM D642 | Shipping Containers | Compression Testing

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