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ASTM D6775 | Textiles | Tension Testing

ASTM D6775 is a simple test method used to determine the breaking strength and elongation of textile webbing and similar braided materials. The test is very similar to Federal Test Method 191A, Section 4108. Split drum grips are required to run this test according to both standards.

Before conducting ASTM D6775, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D6775 | Textiles | Tension Testing

  1. Prepare the test specimens as described in the test method, using the full-width of the webbing to be tested.
  2. Clamp the ends of the webbing samples into the split drum grips, and remove slack. The distance between the grips should be 10 inches.
  3. Apply provisions for measuring elongation, if desired, as described in the standard.
  4. Apply the tensile force to the specimen at the constant rate specified in the test standard.
  5. If necessary, stop the test at a specified force prior to break to gather elongation data.
  6. Continue the application of the tensile force until rupture and record the breaking force.
  • Breaking Strength
  • Elongation

ASTM D6775 | Textiles | Tension Testing

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