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ASTM D7004 | Geomembranes | Grab Tension Testing

ASTM D7004 is a test standard designed to measure the grab tensile strength and elongation of reinforced geomembranes. This test procedure is very similar to test standard ASTM D5034, except that it is written specifically for reinforced geomembranes as opposed to textile fabrics. A Universal Testing Machine which can pull at a Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) is required as well as the necessary grips to secure the sample.

Prior to conducting ASTM D7004, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D7004 | Geomembranes | Grab Tension Testing

  1. Prepare at least five test specimens as described in the standard, paying attention to the alignment of the fiber reinforcement within the geomembrane.
  2. Specimens should be conditioned and tested at standard atmospheric conditions.
  3. Secure the test specimen in the grips, using a grip separation of 3 in. Ensure that the same reinforcement strands are being gripped in both fixtures.
  4. Apply the tensile force at a constant crosshead speed of 12 in/min. End the test at sample break.
  • Peak Strength
  • Elongation (%) at Peak Strength

ASTM D7004 | Geomembranes | Grab Tension Testing

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