ASTM D828 testing
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ASTM D828 | Paper and Paperboard | Tension Testing

ASTM D828 is a testing standard used to determine the tensile properties of paper and paperboard. For consistent results, users should pay careful attention when aligning the specimens in the grips. Pneumatic grips are also beneficial for this test as they allow the user to fine tune the gripping pressure required for various paper types and avoid undesirable breaks at the grip and specimen slippage. ADMET software can easily provide all of the required calculations in this test.

Before conducting ASTM D828, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM D828 | Paper and Paperboard | Tension Testing

  1. Prepare and condition the test specimens according to the dimensions and guidance described in the test standard.
  2. Insert the specimen into the grips at the specified grip separation and carefully align the specimen in the direction of the applied force. An alignment jig may be beneficial.
  3. Note that the pressure applied to the grip clamping surfaces could play a large role in testing results. Trials may be needed to determine optimal grip pressure for the material being tested. Pneumatic grips with adjustable pressure settings can help provide for more easily repeatable tests.
  4. Apply load to the specimen at the constant rate of grip separation defined in the standard.
  5. Continue test until specimen failure, while ensuring that the specimen does not slip in the jaws or break within the clamping area.
  • Tensile Strength at Rupture
  • Elongation at Rupture
  • Tensile Energy Absorption

ASTM D828 | Paper and Paperboard | Tension Testing

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