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ASTM E345 | Metals | Tension Testing

ASTM E345 is a testing standard that covers the tension testing requirements of metallic foil in thicknesses less than 0.006 in (0.150mm).

This method is used for testing Type A and Type B samples in a standard universal testing machine that conforms to the requirements of Practices E4. Although various grip types can be used for gripping metal foils, the recommended grips are wedge grips with serrated inserts. If sample thickness is less than 0.003in (0.076mm), smooth inserts should be used instead of serrated inserts. Prior to conducting ASTM E345, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM E345 | Metals | Tension Testing

  1. Cut and prepare samples as described in the standard. Measure the width of the specimen and load it into your tensile grips. Attach the clip-on extensometer for strain calculations.
  2. Apply tensile load and begin grip separation. Unless otherwise specified, any convenient speed of testing may be used up to one half the specified yield strength, or up to one quarter the specified tensile strength, whichever is smaller. The speed may be increased after the removal of extensometer, but it should not exceed the maximum specified in the standard.
  • Yield Strength
  • Yield Point
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation

ASTM E345 | Metals | Tension Testing

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