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ASTM E466 | Metallic Materials | Fatigue Testing

ASTM E466 describes the determination of the fatigue strength of metallic materials in the fatigue regime where the strains are predominately elastic, both upon initial loading and throughout the test. This test method is applicable for axial unnotched and notched specimens subjected to constant amplitude, periodic force.

By following this standard, the effect of variations in material, geometry, surface condition, and stress, on the fatigue resistance of metallic materials subjected to direct stress for a large number of cycles is studied. The results are suitable for application to design only when the specimen test conditions realistically simulate service conditions.

Before conducting ASTM E466, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

ASTM E466 | Metallic Materials | Fatigue Testing

  1. Prepare the specimens as described in the standard. The condition of the test specimen and the method of test specimen preparation are critical to this procedure.
  2. Place the specimen in the grips, making sure the specimen fixtures are aligned such that the major axis of the specimen closely coincides with the load axis throughout each cycle and that proper alignment is kept consistent from specimen to specimen. Strain gauges may be placed on the gauge length following ASTM E1012 to determine the bending stresses or the strains on the specimen. The lower the bending stresses or the strains, the more repeatable test results will be from specimen to specimen.
  3. Start the axial force fatigue testing.
  4. Continue the test until the specimen failure criterion is reached or until a predetermined number of cycles has been applied to the specimen.
  5. Plot the maximum stress level vs. the logarithm of the number of cycles to failure (S-N curve).
  • Dynamic Stresses
  • Number of Cycles
  • Tensile Strength
  • Yield Point
  • Elongation
  • Reduction of Area

ASTM E466 | Metallic Materials | Fatigue Testing

ASTM E466Recommended Equipment
Testing System
  • Strain Gauges
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