EN 14651 Concrete Testing Fixture Machine
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EN 14651 | Concrete | Tension Testing

The EN 14651 European Standard determines the flexural tensile strength and the limit of proportionality of metallic fibered concrete on moulded test specimen. Utilizing a universal testing machine equipped with a three-point bend fixture designed according to EN 14651, the flexural tensile strength values are determined from the load-crack mouth opening displacement curve or load-deflection curve obtained by applying a center point load on a simply supported notch mechanism.

Before conducting EN 14651, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant EN publication.

EN 14651 | Concrete | Tension Testing

  1. Prepare the test specimen into a prism shaped sample confirming to EN 12390-1. Cast and cure the specimens in compliance with EN 12350-1 and EN 12390-2 unless specified otherwise.
  2. Place and center the specimen between the two supporting rollers.
  3. Apply the force at a proper crosshead speed as recommended in the standard.
  4. Record the load and deflection at the moment of rupture
  • Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD)
  • Limit of Proportionality (LOP)
  • Residual Flexural Tensile Strength

EN 14651 | Concrete | Tension Testing

EN 14651Recommended Equipment
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  • EN 14651 Fixture
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