eXpert 2611 with FF-50T for Three-Point Wood Flexural Test
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ISO 13061-3 | Wood | Bend Testing

This standard describes the apparatus, preparation of specimens, the testing procedure and calculation of results for determining the ultimate strength of wood in static bending by measuring the breaking load applied in the mid-span of a simply supported beam. This standard is important as wood is engineered into many construction and furniture products so it will experience many loading scenarios. 

Part 3 – Principle: The ultimate strength in static bending (modulus of rupture) is determined by measuring the maximum load required to cause rupture of the test piece under static load applied in the mid-span of a simply supported beam.

Before conducting ISO 13061-3, it is important to read the entire specification in the relevant ISO publication.

ISO 13061-3 | Wood | Bend Testing

  1. Prepare the specimens as described in the test method.
  2. Insert the test specimen into the support apparatus fixture. Selection of the proper reaction bearing plate span, reaction supports, and load bearing block diameters will depend on specimen size.
  3. Apply load to the specimen at the rate of speed in the standard until specimen failure. Since mechanical properties of wood depend on the speed of testing, it is important to select the speed of testing appropriate for the purpose of the test program.
  • Modulus of Rupture

ISO 13061-3 | Wood | Bend Testing

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