ADMET  Material Testing Systems

Since 1989


Single column systems engineered for low capacity testing applications with maximum accuracy

Electromechanical universal testing systems engineered for a variety of testing applications including tension, compression, bend, shear, peel, and more

Servo-hydraulic universal testing systems for high capacity test applications including metals (ASTM E8) and concrete (ASTM C1609) testing

Microtester series for small specimens equipped with a powerful digital closed loop controller and adaptable to high magnification imaging systems

Fatigue testing machines for cyclic testing at small or large amplitudes over millions of cycles up to 10Hz in frequency

Planar biaxial testing systems to test a wide range of materials and devices including medical screws, implants and luer taper fittings

Torsion testers featuring a linear slide design for maximum stiffness and minimal friction, the eXpert 9000 series can be customized to your needs

ADMET has the expertise to design, build, deliver, and implement custom mechanical test equipment. Our team will work with you to ensure that the system is designed to meet your requirements